Areas of Interest

Specifically, the Institute:

  1. Promotes the research, policy issues and regulation of the advent of emerging digital financial products, such as digital payments, digital platforms, digital transactions and generally, financial technology initiatives;
  2. Targets startups and policy developments that support bridging the gaps in realizing the monetization of the Internet of Things as businesses and consumers move to financial transactions that are not only digital but machine-to-machine;
  3. Supports financial innovation and incubates and accelerates startups in financial technology that focus on digital finance to ensure Canada remains a leader in this area;
  4. Partners with international digital finance and fintech groups to share knowledge, research and regulatory developments;
  5. Raises funds for financial technology R&D that could lead to future financial products and in that vein, is creating the world’s first digital finance boutique venture capital fund for digital financial innovation startups;
  6. As part of its fundamental mandate, undertakes initiatives to ensure the inclusion of women in financial technology, which draws upon the greater outreach need to have women remain engaged and in leadership roles in financial technology startups; and
  7. Provides innovative solutions based on new financial technology for financial inclusion (which is the practice of traditional banking systems not providing banking services to disadvantaged sectors of the population), starting in Canada where studies suggest there are close to one million persons of First Nations ancestry who are unbanked (financially excluded).