FinTech Education Through Conferences

As one of the first think tanks for digital finance, the Digital Finance Institute is committed to advancing and sharing FinTech knowledge among the FinTech eco-system by joining in enabling international conferences on cutting-edge and timely topics that cover the three pillars upon which the Institute was founded: promoting balanced and appropriate regulation of financial technology where necessary for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing law; advancing financial inclusion and innovation; and supporting women in FinTech.

Unlike other conferences, the Institute’s goal in partnering to lend its name to Digital Finance Conferences is to drive investment in FinTech, provide knowledgable speakers for audiences, create an engaging dialogue, and advance regulatory discussions by merging different sectors together. Unlike many other conferences, the Conferences enabled by, or which the Institute partners, do not pay speakers, and likewise do not ask speakers to pay to speak, or trade sponsorships for speaking engagements. The Institute believes this is the best way to attract the most qualified speakers who are genuinely invested in supporting the FinTech eco-system. The Institute also supports social events at the conclusion of conferences it enables, to allow speakers and attendees alike to meet at a local bar, providing a unique and casual networking FinTech experience.

  • The first conference enabled by the Institute – Digital Finance 2015 in Vancouver was sold-out.
  • The second conference enabled by the Institute – Digital Finance Toronto in Toronto is being held on September 30, 2015.