Christine Duhaime, Co-founder and Executive Director


Christine Duhaime

Christine is the Executive Director of the Digital Finance Institute and its co-founder. She is responsible for setting policy direction, fundraising and building partnerships with the private and public sector for digital finance goals and initiatives. She drives the regulatory reform, financial inclusion and women in FinTech policy initiatives for the Institute.

Christine is also a lawyer at Duhaime Law with a financial crime practice that including counter-terrorist financing and anti-money laundering law, financial regulation, digital financial services and products, bribery and sanctions compliance in regulated industries such as banks, money services businesses and casinos.

Christine is frequently asked to provide insight to the media on emerging legal issues, including on digital currencies, terrorist financing, money laundering, financial regulation and policy developments, and has appeared on Al Jazeera, CBC News, Global News and in the The Wall Street Journal, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and in the financial regulatory press. She is the legal columnist for Corporate Risk Magazine and has written for Financier Worldwide and American Banker. She frequently speaks at international conferences on issues of financial crime compliance, digital finance and financial inclusion.

On behalf of the Digital Finance Institute, Christine participated as an invited guest at the Gates Foundation Social in New York City at the launch of the Foundation’s 2015 initiatives to solve global problems.

In New York City, together with Chief Inspirational Officer, Sam Maule, Christine joined Brett King’s leading radio show on FinTech “Breaking Banks” with the International Relief Committee to discuss ways the Institute is enabling the use of FinTech to bring financial services to refugees affected by conflicts and terrorism to address financial inclusion problems. The project, called Banking on Refugees, would bring digital, safe payments and remittance services to refugees. It was conceived in 2014 and is the only such project of financial inclusion for refugees. The Institute is enabling the project with several other NGO partners and private organizations.

On behalf of the Institute, Christine is speaking at the Meeting of the Minds 2015 in the United States. Meeting of the Minds is an annual global leadership summit focussed on the development of smarter cities, next-gen infrastructure, climate positive solutions and connectivity sponsored by Cisco.

The Institute also enabled the research and preparation of a White Paper on Power Women in FinTech by Sam Maule and Christine released on June 3, 2015 by SWIFT’s Innotribe.

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