The BlockchainLab is partnering with lead developers to create cross-platform methodologies to sandbox, prototype, blueprint and deploy Digital Currency, Smart Contracts and Blockchain solutions for business, government and enterprise. Launched in Vancouver, BC, in May 2015, the BlockchainLab is an international, industry wide and cross-sectoral collaboration.

  • Crafting disruptive enterprise ready business models for digital currency and blockchain technology solutions.
  • A Digital Currency and Blockchain application and readiness assessment, and deployment toolset.
  • Project management and business process tool for enterprise applications of the full stack deployment of cross-platform distributed ledger, tokenization and smart contract technology, with readiness assessment, capacity evaluation, integration implications, change controls, stakeholder communications, compliance, governance and risk management.
  • A managed Business Process Reengineering roadmap for the successful application of the latest distributed ledger, smart contract and digital currency deployments.