Digital Finance 2015 Conference in Bitcoin Magazine

The Digital Finance Institute’s first Conference,, being held on June 3, 2015 in Vancouver, was featured in Bitcoin Magazine.

The article here, also discusses the release of the White Paper on PowerWomen in FinTech that is being released at by Innotribe, the innovation arm of SWIFT.

“The ‘White Paper on PowerWomen in FinTech’ is the culmination of months of research and an important milestone in the industry globally,” Duhaime said. “We wanted to honor many of the incredible and impactful women in fintech by releasing the Whitepaper at Digital Finance 2015.”
The conference is targeted mainly at venture capital firms, banks, innovation labs, entrepreneurs, financial technology companies, AML-compliance teams, digital currency companies, payment processors and government regulators.

“By launching Canada’s first fintech conference, our aim is to be the catalyst for venture capital and other key investments and partnerships to move the industry forward in Canada and foster growth of fintech and innovation in emerging and disruptive payments,” says Duhaime.

“The conference is rewarding for me because it’s the culmination of a number of goals I wanted to accomplish in fintech after I was the only woman speaking at my first Bitcoin conference in 2013, which is to highlight women in fintech and to encourage innovation in Canada,” says Duhaime.