Janos Barberis, Asia Lead Officer

Janos Barberis

Janos is the Asia lead for the Digital Finance Institute. At the Digital Finance Institute, Janos focuses on developing scalable financial inclusion tools that can be delivered as emergency response solutions for refugees, including the Institute’s “Banking on Refugees” project in Hong Kong. He is responsible for advancing the Digital Finance Institute’s profile in Asia.

Janos previously supported a new prospective UK retail bank, Lintel, to secure a banking license authorization from the PRA & FCA. This role follows the specialized interest he has developed over seven years in financial systems and its stability. Notably, he is working on a proposal to initiate reforms to the Chinese shadow banking sector by developing P2P lending channels.

Now based in Asia, Janos took the lead in the first FinTech report for Asia and founded FinTechHK to spur Hong Kong’s FinTech eco-system by focusing on human capital development. He joined Hong Kong University as a Senior Research Fellow and will be an incoming PhD candidate to develop a regulatory framework to support funding and innovation of the FinTech sector in Hong Kong. 

Tel: (852) 6927-7415
Email: [email protected]
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