Manie Eagar, Co-founder and Chair

Manie Eagar

Manie is the Chair of the Digital Finance Institute and is responsible for providing oversight and guidance to the Institute’s board and its advisors.

Manie is a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Credits – a unique Proof of Stake/Consensus Blockchain/Crosschain infrastructure based cryptocurrency that delivers frictionless and secure token-based value exchange and recordal with a broad range of commercial and public sector applications for example the world’s first government-run Blockchain project on the Isle of Man.

He is a global investment, mergers and acquisitions executive with over 30 years of driving new wealth creation, business growth and strategic innovation. He brings international experience and deep skills in the startup, investment management and venture capital space. He has been involved in multiple successful start-ups, government policy developments and national educational initiatives in South Africa.

Hilary Clinton

Manie is an expert in educational policy and charitable developments, particularly in emerging and new areas. He was the founder and CEO of the Open Learning Systems Education Trust in South Africa. OLSET was a national strategy that delivered math, science and technology courses to students in South Africa that was sponsored by USAID, CISA and Kagiso Trust. In 1996, Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, visited Manie’s OLSET project and assisted with teaching a class to students in South Africa.

Manie was the chief strategist for the South African government’s $40 Billion Development Bank of South Africa Infrastructure Centre of Excellence for Infrastructure Development Plan implemented in 2012 and in that capacity is an expert in global infrastructure development for emerging markets.

He is a director of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada and a member of the Global Bitcoin Alliance and the Bitcoin Foundation. With Christine Duhaime, he founded the DFI to make a valuable contribution to digital finance and cryptocurrency globally at every level of its development and deployment and for integration with the financial and retail ecosystems. Manie has a sound understanding of the emerging markets and the needs of the financially underserved and under-banked.

The past two years he has focused on deal shaping and making in the new world of digital value inter-exchange, mobile media delivery platforms and digital finance 2.0, inspired by the latest cryptocurrency protocols. He has supported a number of startups, growth acceleration, mergers and acquisitions, VC tie-ups and alignments with regulatory compliance. He developed the openaxyz collaboration software that was deployed at leading financial institutions such as Barclays Africa and was nominated for the RIC Innovation Idol in Ontario in 2012.

Manie’s LinkedIn profile is here.

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