Pumela Salela, Director

Pumela Salela

Pumela Salela is a Director of the Institute and is the Head of Brand South Africa for the United Kingdom. In that capacity, she attracts foreign investment to South Africa. Prior to that, she was Chief Director for Economic Policy Development and Planning at the Department of Economic Development in South Africa.  She is the Chair of the Nelson Mandela Scholarship Alumni Association.

She was voted one of South Africa’s “Most Inspirational Women” and was featured in Destiny Magazine as one of South Africa’s “Young and Powerful Achievers” and one of the “Top 40 Young Leaders, Innovators and Job Creators in South Africa”. She was on an Entrepreneurship Television Show called Rise South Africa that was broadcast on the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

She is a Director of the Global Sourcing Council, a non-profit in the Untied States funded in part by Microsoft that advocates for sustainable sourcing practices in trade, and is an Ambassador for Sustainable and Socially Responsible Outsourcing in Africa, and sits on the Executive Committee of the Tri-Sister City Alliance, a formal alliance among cities in the BRICS.

Pumela also serves on the Advisory Board of the World Summit on Internet and Social Media and on the Board of Sable Accelerator LLC, an organization that helps South African entrepreneurs, start-ups, academic institutions, and companies commercialize technology innovations, promote and protect intellectual property, fund new business concepts, finance growth, and expand into global markets.

Pumela received the inaugural Global Fellowship on Social Innovation to address poverty issues, from the Rockefeller Foundation. She is the only South African to have received that honor. She is the founder of SourceAfrica, an Africa-wide initiative to promote viable business process outsourcing and ICT-enabled services.

She was a consultant for the World Bank and a director at the Department of Trade and Industry in South Africa. Before that, Pumela held the position of Deputy Director for Investment Promotion at Trade and Investment South Africa where she was responsible for attracting and negotiating with potential foreign investors to set up operations in South Africa.

Pumela has spoken at numerous international conference and seminars in United States, the Middle East, the Far East (including China), Africa and Europe and at the Silicon Valley in the areas of Clean Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets (BRICS), BPO and highlighting investment opportunities in Africa. She has been interviewed by VoiceAmerica and has been a guest speaker on various media discussing outsourcing to Africa. She is also an Advisory Board member of Youth In Action South Africa.