What We Do


We aim to become a globally recognized centre of excellence in digital finance policy and regulation and to include ways to address financial inclusion with digital finance, actively linking and supporting industry, government, policy makers, financial regulators and academia.

  • Develop international collaborations and initiatives for standardized and balanced regulation over digital payments and remittances, and emerging issues.
  • Develop innovative solutions to solving problems of financial inclusion.
  • Monitor regulatory performance and reform for effective consumer and investor protection in digital finance.
  • Participate in emerging digital finance market areas, such as carbon emission credits, environmentally motivated markets, and other sectors.
  • Advocate for greater participation in women in financial technology.

Strategic Objectives

  • Develop effective policy solutions to expand digital and mobile financial services.
  • Provide support for peer learning and capacity building for members to coordinate efforts and share knowledge and experiences on digital finance.
  • Facilitate public-private dialogue and engagement to identify and mitigate barriers to financial inclusion.