The Digital Finance Institute works to develop strategic partnerships with organizations that share our vision and goals for digital finance in one of our three pillars of focus – promoting balanced financial regulation for emerging FinTech; financial inclusion; and women in FinTech.

Our partnerships can be project-based or long-term organizational alignments.

The Institute entered into a strategic alliance with FinTechHK in 2014 to form a long-term alliance between Canada and Hong Kong to collaborate in the development of FinTech knowledge, marketing, investment and project-development opportunities to  jointly benefit Canada and Hong Kong.

The Institute lent its name and resources to enable the research and preparation of a White Paper on Power Women in FinTech with SWIFT‘s innovation arm, Innotribe in Brussels, and Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group in the United States, and will enable the findings to be presented at SWIFT’s global banking Conference – Sibos 2015 – in Singapore.

We entered into a project with the Amsterdam-based THNK to provide digital finance advice for its C-Suite Executive Leadership Course in 2015.

The Institute is also enabling research into the Banking on Refugees project commenced by its Executive Director in 2014 that will see partnerships formed with NGOs and the private sector for the creation of digital solutions for refugees to solve financial inclusion problems in areas of conflict.